Something’s Phishy!

Do you know how to tell if cybercriminals have gone “phishing” for your personal information? Learning to spot the red flags of a suspicious email helps make it so the identity thieves never get their big catch. The below info-graphic gives some tips for identifying fake emails so you can click with confidence and keep your personal information protected. Remember these best practices whenever you run through your inbox!

In addition, you can apply some of these methods to suspicious phone calls as well. Before you leap into action, consider the following:
• Is the call coming from an official business phone number? If you don’t know it, check the company’s number online.
• Verify whether or not what actions they want you to take can be handled elsewhere. If what they want can only be done over the phone, there’s a good chance that it’s someone phishing for information or money.

Don’t allow phony deadlines to cloud your judgement- think carefully before you take any action, no matter the circumstances!

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