Nothing is more gratifying in business than to know your clients appreciate your hard work.  Here is a selection of comments from our clients.

Manny Behar

Very professional and transparent!

Alex Goldsmid

Frank Atrash Realty was great to work with!!!  We had been working with other real estate agents for over a year with over five unsuccessful offers in a very competitive market.

Within a week of switching agents to Frank, we were able to find the best place we had looked at, which met/exceeded all of our needs at a great price. We were able to get an offer accepted the morning after seeing the property even though it had only been open for showings one day and already had three to four other offers. Frank was able to find out what motivated the seller to best position our offer, and we were very grateful to avoid a major bidding war. Frank’s proactive go-getter mentality and innovative strategies to make our offer more appealing was a big-time difference maker for us.

As a bonus, Frank was also able to save us a couple of thousand dollars after the offer was accepted by reaching out to the seller and their agent for a few miscellaneous items we may want to eventually upgrade. This was small but an unexpected pleasant surprise given the competitive seller’s market we are in.

We are very happy with the house that we got and would highly recommend Frank to any of our friends and family. Frank and his team really went above and beyond for us the entire way through the process.

The Beer Home Team

Great communication and responsiveness. Exactly the type of agent we like on the other side of our deals. Looking forward to working together on another transaction!


Working with Frank was a wonderful experience! We were house hunting for over a year with many failed offers until we were referred to work with Frank. Within our first weekend of showings, we found the perfect home. Frank took the time to strategize with us and put together an offer that beat out several others. He walked us through every little detail during the escrow process and made purchasing our first home a seamless transaction! Would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a home.

Alex Zuckerman

Frank and Delalle were an exceptional team! Their friendly dispositional helped us tremendously along the way! It was incredibly easy to not only see new homes but when we couldn’t see the homes Frank would drive out of his way and FaceTime us from the homes so we could see them. Franks never stop attitude and wealth of information made him invaluable! Delalle was amazing behind the scenes and got us any paperwork ASAP and could answer any questions/concerns we had. What a team!

Yousef H.

Thanks again for being such great property managers. Teesa has always talked highly of you and your communications with and care of your tenants.

Jachin and Marguerite Tyrell

Good listening and communication.  Focused on goal and final outcome.  Friendly, respectful, professional, understanding.

Manny Neves

Frank was great to work with honest with great integrity to make it as professional as possible.

Ioanna & Alex

We were in the process of purchasing a home but the realtor we were working with had planned to be out of town for a few days, so he introduced us to Frank Atrash to help us with the process while he would be away. Frank is an amazing guy, he and his wife took over everything as if we were their clients, and the whole process was completed seamlessly. We were in our first week of escrow, so Frank’s help was crucial in order everything to be completed on time. Thank you, Frank, for all your help!

Kevin Oechsel

“Working with Frank was an absolute pleasure. He was extremely responsive and his obvious experienced contributed to an extremely successful transaction. While he was listing the house for the seller, he also represented us as the buyer. This is not the first time we’ve participated in a dual-agency transaction and I can say with utmost confidence that Frank operated at the highest level of ethics. I look forward to working with Frank and his team again soon!”

Nicole Bruns

“Frank Atrash made our first home buying experience a breeze. We were looking to rent a house but had no luck. We happened to see this property on zillow and Frank was there. Frank gave us a great deal of detail about the history of the property and the neighborhood. He recommended an exceptional loan officer, who put us in the right type of loan. Frank made the deal happen quickly and effortlessly – within a few weeks, we moved in. We are confident we made the right decision using Frank as our realtor and we couldn’t have found a better fit for our first house. Frank and Delalle worked diligently to get us in our new home and we couldn’t be happier”

Marina Zablit

“If there were more than 5 stars, I would have picked it. The level of customer service & the genuine care & support that Frank had shown throughout the selling truly shows his care, attentiveness, professionalize knowledgeable of the process helped us get what we listed for and the buyers got the home they want. Thank you so Frank & team for a job well done. Thank you for answering all my questions throughout.  Well done!”

Marcus Carter

Frank is a pro. Exceptional to work with and very knowledgeable in all facets of Real Estate.
I would enjoy working with him again on another project.

Gerry Di Carlo

While the timing for you to help me buy a house wasn’t quite right, you are, and I’m absolutely serious when I say this, absolutely the most scrupulous realtor I’ve ever encountered. 

I have been so impressed with the ways that you’ve interacted with me.

Stephen and Jessie

Frank Atrash realty provides exceptional service. They don’t simply care about finding the perfect house for their clients but aim to make the entire process more enjoyable and seemless. They are with you for every step of the way and happy to help at all times. They are in the business to make their clients satisfied and are available for advice and guidance even after your home is purchased. They are a family run business at its best – loyal, warm, efficient, and honest. We couldn’t have been luckier or happier in finding Frank Atrash for our first home purchase. Our highest recommendation!

Thomas & Rudy

We were so impressed with Frank Atrash compassion and dedication towards us in buying our home. His advice was always sound and logical. He was very patient and educated us throughout the transaction. We would gladly recommend Frank to anyone looking for an experienced, professional Realtor.

Thank you
Thomas & Rudy


We found Frank Atrash Realty to be most Competent and completely Honest in our all Dealings, and will certainly recommend them to anybody wanting to invest in Property in San Diego.

Janette Van Dyke

I was not only impressed with Frank’s knowledge of what to look for in a property, but also of city housing rules/codes when I brought up options for making changes to a property after I purchased it. He only showed me properties that met my specific requirements, which saved a lot of time. I’ve worked with other realtors who would show me properties that “they” thought I would like that was really off the mark. When I found the house I really wanted (and ended up buying), Frank was receptive to drop everything to start negotiating with the other realtor. This house was desired by multiple people, but because of his professionalism, amiable personality, and many years of experience, he was able to get my offer accepted within a day. Because I found a property to buy so quickly that I truly love, before placing the offer, he questioned me thoroughly to make sure that I was certain. The last thing that I found exceptional a bout working with Frank is that he would visit neighbors near the properties I was interested in and ask them questions about the neighborhood, knowing I have a young son and was looking for a family friendly community.

Samone Sayasenh

Frank was very professional and he helped us every step of the way. He always found time to meet with us and responded quickly to our e-mails and calls.

Mr. Richard Pekin Esc.

Please forgive the delay in writing this letter about your performance as a broker in connection with the sale of our home in Point Loma shortly after my dad’s death.  During the days after our March 7, 2011 closing I have had the luxury to think a lot about the transaction and your performance.  Time only confirmed my initial thinking that you did a tremendous job and that others would be fortunate to have you as their broker.

The knowledge, skill and energy you brought to the task were substantial.  To recap, my dad died in early October 2010, leaving me as the trustee with the task of selling his home. Within days after first contacting you, you had produced a written broker’s opinion of value with backup and proposed specific cosmetic and other upgrades before putting the house on the market.

Your opinion of value was similar to others we had obtained, which gave me the comfort of the value range, and your proposed upgrades to the property were specific and logical.  Immediately after We entered into our formal listing agreement, you diligently moved forward to coordinate the work that needed to be done with knowledgeable contractors with whom you had previously worked.

The pricing of the contractors was reasonable and you successfully encouraged them to complete their work in a timely manner.

Shortly after the upgrades were completed the property was publicly listed, several offers were received, we signed a purchase and sale contract and the sale closed on March 7, 2011.  It sounds simple but in fact there were numerous decision made throughout the offers – to – the closing process that were strategic and difficult, and I valued your thoughts and recommendations throughout the process.

Judgment based on experience is a marvelous quality.  You brought them to the table in all our discussions.

Total elapsed time from our listing agreement to closing was roughly 120 days.  In this market and with the work that was done on the house with your help before it was publicly listed for sale, this was a tremendous result.  Thank so much for your help and your good humor in the process.

Walter Allen, Executive Director/ CFO of OPEIU, Local 30

AMFREE, and Frank Atrash, in particular, have proven to be a very worthwhile business arrangement for my organization.  Frank has helped many of our members with everything from resolving credit issues, to buying homes, and generally advising them on how to manage their money effectively and reach their goals.

Most recently Frank brokered the deal that now has our organization itself enjoying the benefits of ownership as he helped us purchase an office building to house our business without having to rent any longer.  Our investment will allow us to be in a position to see our costs go down as values around us go up and eventually provide space for our business that will cost little or nothing going forward.

Frank is always the consummate professional in all his dealings, he offers sound advice, and has a keen awareness and understanding of each of his clients.  His knowledge of the various parts of his business and the community in which he works is both comforting and reassuring from the customer’s perspective.

I thank Frank for his efforts on our behalf and would strongly recommend his services to others.

Jade Mohr

My fiancé and I recently purchased our first home with the help of our real estate agent, Frank Atrash.  I was a little weary when we first began the process because I had heard horror stories from friends of deals going awry, crazy amounts of stress and hurdle upon hurdle getting in the way of completing the deal.

From our first drive around to getting the keys to our new place, the whole process took about a month.  Frank was there for us every step of the way and he truly did and amazing  job of taking all the stress out of the situation.  He was very up front with us about the entire process of buying a house, what we should expect and what we would need to do.  I was surprised at how smoothly everything went and I actually learned a great deal about real estate during the process.

We are now happily in our first home and we truly have Frank to thank for that.  He actually found the place for us and helped to make the deal happen.  I would recommend Frank to any of my friends that are looking to buying a home in San Diego.  His knowledge of the area, professionalism and experience made for a truly smooth, rewarding and exciting process.

Tom Van Dyke

While this may seem like a standard letter of recommendation I assure you that it is more than that.  I hardly knew Frank Atrash when he was suggested as someone who could help a friend of mine who was being hassled over a real estate transaction that she did not want to complete.  Frank to the rescue.  After he helped my friend out of the purchase she did not want to make, he negotiated the purchase of a property that was much better suited for her (and saved her lots of money – isn’t that what’s it all about?”).

I was impressed.  I thought Frank was the right guy with which to discuss my own financial situation.  I needed more income and was considering real estate as an investment.  After a series of meetings during which Frank got to know more about me and my goals (and focus) he made some suggestions and laid out some scenarios based upon which path I chose to pursue.  It was Frank’s ability to actually establish a plan that would not only meet my goals, but exceed them, that sold me.  Once I decided which course of action to pursue, Frank worked vigorously to get me to the desired outcome.

Frank still works for me, management my investment.  I asked him to do so because of the friendship and trust we established during the entire process from planning to fruition.

Needless to say, I high recommend Frank Atrash as a real estate professional and as a person.

Anthony Farace

Very Knowledgeable and professional!

Tom Virek Chea

The whole buying and selling my house was such a pleasant experience. It was my first buy and also my first sell. Frank and Del had made my life so easy when we were hunting and selling our house.

Janette Van Dyke

This letter is to provide a referral for realty services rendered by Frank Atrash.  Mr. Atrash is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market.  During my search for a home in San Diego in January, 2010, he provided Options and information that I had not previously considered.  He was available whenever needed and I was able to find and purchase the perfect new home within weeks, whereas I had been unsuccessful working with another Realtor for many months prior.  Mr. Atrash is committed to professionalism and has a clear grasp on how to provide great customer service, which instilled confidence that he was only looking out for my best interest.  I would describe the home purchasing process with Frank as extremely positive.  When my sister informed me that she was looking to relocate to San Diego, I didn’t hesitate to put her in contact with Mr. Atrash right away.  I can be contacted to provide additional information if desired.